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Testimonial from one of our students

Warrior Elite Krav Maga

When I first started taking Krav Maga, it was for extrinsic reasons; fear mainly. I took a women’s self-defense seminar and felt so empowered that I decided to train regularly. For the first 6 months, everything I learned in class and everything I learned in private lessons was all super-imposed into a past situation. However irrational, I figured that if I could visualize myself getting out of that past situation, that somehow the past could be changed. Shortly after passing my P-1 test, I left for Italy. From May of 2012 to November 2013, I wasn’t involved in Krav at all. When I returned to San Diego, I immediately went back to Krav – for the same extrinsic reasons.

However, over the past 7 months, something has changed in me. Having just passed my P-2 test, which I never thought I’d ever be taking, and starting on P-3 work in today’s personal lesson, it dawned on me that I no longer take Krav for extrinsic reasons. My desire to do this is now intrinsic. It has become something that I am very passionate about. It illuminated some very real truths for me. It has changed how I see myself. It has shown me that in order to move forward and reach new heights, that I must completely let go of what’s behind me.

Don’t get me wrong, taking Krav hasn’t taken away all fear. But rather it has shown me how to better deal with fear and fight through it. There are very few pictures of me doing anything in class. This was taken during my P-2 test. Though it’s blurry (no my teeth aren’t black – I have a mouth guard in), I absolutely love it. It makes me realize just how far I’ve come and I can’t wait to see how far I go. Drew Goodwin are wonderful instructors who are so passionate about what they do. There is no better environment to learn in.

I absolutely love every single one of my classmates and am so appreciative of all the “strong encouragement” to finish, scan, rotate, “you got this” and “just kick me in the balls” (Mark C.). Every single one helped push me out of my comfort zone and into something greater.


A letter from our IKMF Chairman

To whom it may concern,

I would like to say a few things about , Drew Goodwin, and our amazing Warrior Elite Krav Maga branch.

Nancy and Drew are perfect examples of what the IKMF stands for. They are amazing instructors, continually working on becoming better and always being students. They embrace our culture and work unselfishly on making the IKMF the best they can in san Diego.

I am proud of them for everything they have accomplished so far and this is why we chose Drew as our California director. They are in constant contact with us in Israel, current with all updates that we have and continue to do. If you want the most updated and authentic Krav Maga they are the one to go to.

The students in San Diego are very fortunate to have this great team behind them and have mine and the IKMF's complete support.

Avi Moyal
IKMF Chairman & Head Instructor

Warrior Elite Krav Maga

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