Frequently Asked Questions


What is Krav Maga ?

Self-Defense for REAL LIFE! Krav-Maga originated in Israel under battle field conditions and adapted very efficiently to real life on the streets! It is based on natural reactions to events so it is easy to learn AND easy to remember! We have trained with people in Krav Maga all over the world thus expanding and continuing its founder's (Imi Lichtenfield) philosophy that nobody should have to live in fear but instead, one should train in Krav Maga so that 'one may walk in peace!'

What are Krav Maga classes like?

Classes follow a general format depending on level and class topic, but they are varied and you will never find yourself doing the same thing over and over. Techniques are taught through a variety of contexts, including simulated street conditions. You will learn the techniques and be able to apply them to multiple scenarios and threats.

How long will it take to become proficient?

In the beginning of your training, you learn the basics which build the foundation for everything else. The first level takes 3-6 months. Each level after that is about 5-6 months, depending on your level of mastery and time and effort put into training. Keep in mind, the goal of Krav-Maga is not becoming a Master; the goal is learning to save your life. You will most likely leave the first class with something that could save your life!

I have years of martial arts experience. Can I join the advanced class?

Everyone starts at the beginning. Due to the unique nature of Krav Maga, techniques that you have known for years may be slightly different. Even a punch is very specific to Krav Maga. Starting at the beginning will build that strong foundation that will enable you to advance through the system knowing that you are learning and absorbing what is being taught.

Do you use a belt system?

No, we use a patch system. The ranks are structured into 18 levels in KM: Practitioner 1-5, Graduate 1-5, Expert 1-5 and Master 1-3. At every test, upon passing, you will receive a patch for the level that you test and a diploma. Your patch is worn on your training pants to signify where you are in your training.

How often will I advance in rank?

We follow the curriculum set by IKMF and adhere to their guidelines for testing. The first level usually takes 3-6 months depending on how often you are attending classes. The Practioner 1 test will ensure that you have basic fundamentals and control. Passing this level will allow you to participate in our intermediate and weapon classes that offer a more fast-paced and tactical environment. With consistent training, you should find yourself advancing in rank at least once or twice each year. This is consistent through Practioner and Graduate levels. Expert levels are considered a “black belt” type of rank and they will take longer to achieve. There is a one year waiting period between G5 and E1 then time increases for each expert level.

Who will I be tested by?

Most testing is performed by Warrior Elite Krav Maga instructors, but we also have the benefit of belonging to a world-wide organization with a traveling Global Instructor Team. When the opportunity is available, we like them to visit and see how great our San Diego students are doing and also provide our students with a different instructor experience.

All IKMF instructors and testers are looking for certain checkpoints to see if the principle part of the technique is performed correctly. Going through a series of drills to ensure that proper technique is being used but can also be performed under stressful situations and that you will be able to successfully perform that technique on the street if you are attacked.

At Warrior Elite Krav Maga, you are part of global organization that is dedicated to continually improve Krav Maga based on real life experiences. When a GIT instructor visits he is able to provide updates and also ensure that all IKMF schools are on the same page world-wide in both teaching and testing. Being tested by any IKMF Certified Instructor means you have had a standardized test and your rank will be acknowledged by all IKMF schools throughout United States and the world.

Is my rank valid?

Absolutely! Your test is administered by certified IKMF instructors that have genuine and up-to-date certifications. Your rank represents a certain standard level of techniques and you can walk into any other IKMF school and be recognized at that level. Other global affiliations may have different testing standards and may see your rank as more general knowledge of your experience.

All IKMF ranks are earned and never given. There are no workshop or “crash” courses. Students eligible to test are usually notified by an instructor of upcoming test date weeks or months ahead to ensure that the student continues to train and be able to pay special attention to curriculum requirements.


Join the largest Krav Maga family & learn the best and most effective fighting system available!

All IKMF affiliated schools adhere to uniform standards of proficiency for advancement through the ranks. Any practitioner in an affiliated school will be able to train and even test at any other affiliated school throughout the United States and the world. Through affiliation, schools and instructors get additional support and knowledge directly from Israel and authentic training in Israeli Krav Maga.

At Warrior Elite Krav Maga, we train hard and always continue to learn. We feel fortunate that we have such a large Krav Maga family and team of experts constantly working with us to improve and make sure that all our students follow Imi’s vision "So that One may walk in peace!"

Do we wear a Gi?

No Gi, but we do require an Warrior Elite Krav Maga shirt and black training pants. We are also excited about a special tactical clothing line that was designed and manufactured by 5.11 and the IKMF Global Instructor team to be used by Krav Maga practioners all over the world. Any black training pants will do, but you may find the 5-11 Taclite Pro Pant ideal for tactical Krav Maga fitness and training.

Am I too old for Krav Maga? Am I too young?

Krav-Maga is for people 4-99! You are never too old to learn to defend yourself. General and women classes accept students 13 years old (with parental and instructor permission) and up. Classes can be challenging, but everyone is free to work at their own pace. We encourage for students to train hard but for those that haven't done physical exercise in a long time can take it a bit slower in the beginning.

*Kids Krav-Maga is offered for ages 8-12.

Do you offer personal training?

Some students may prefer to learn self-defense skills at an individual level or get additional one-on-one personal training. If you are preparing for college or journeying to a potentially dangerous area, we are available to give you some personal training that will help accelerate your training.

We do highly encourage all our students to attend group classes. Certain drills and stress case scenarios cannot be simulated with only one person as an attacker.

At what fitness level do I need to be? I'm fat. Can I do it?

While Krav-Maga is definitely a good work-out, don't let that intimidate you! All of the exercises that we do in class are modifiable. If push-ups are too much, drop to your knees. If running hurts your knees, walk (fast). Let your instructor know of your perceived limitations, and they will offer you modifications. All students will get in better shape with training and increase your flexibility, endurance, speed, strength, environmental awareness, and self-confidence.

Our Warrior fitness classes are available for those that really want to focus on better physical health. We highly encourage our students to take advantage of this unique class that works on your mental and physical training.

I have old injuries. Is it safe?

Modify what you do. Listen to your body. If it hurts to do something (and not just a 'hey my muscles haven't done that in a while' kind of hurt) then alter what you're doing. We want to teach you how to defend yourself, but not at the expense of injury. And of course, as with all vigorous activity, you should check with your medical provider before beginning.

Please make sure to let one of the instructors know about any injuries that you currently have or encounter.

I have a gun. Why do I need KM?

Krav-Maga is not a replacement for a firearm; it is a supplement. What if you can't draw? The attack is too close? Your gun gets jammed? Someone takes it away? With Krav Maga, you become the weapon. Don't limit yourself and your chances of survival by relying solely on a gun.

How long until I'm able to use the skills that I learn?

Classes are structured to get something useful out of every class that can be used immediately. You will walk out of your first class with a sense of knowledge and better prepared to defend yourself. Of course becoming proficient at using a technique takes practice and this is what you will get in class. We want to teach you the solutions for a variety of problems and challenge you in a controlled environment.

How should I prepare for class?

Students will work in close quarters with their peers and instructors and therefore certain care must be taken to ensure a pleasant experience for all. Please trim your nails prior to class, remove all jewelry including watches, and make sure your hand wraps are clean.

What kind of protective equipment will I need?

Men are required to wear groin protection. We strongly recommend that all students wear a mouth guard and hand wraps when working on pads. Additional protection includes forearms and shin guards

Protective equipment is required for all full contact and striking classes, including shin guards, boxing gloves, and headgear.

When can I join?

No need to wait, you can join at any time. We have beginner classes three times a week that you can start at any time. Intermediate and special classes such as weapons and fighting will require instructor approval before attending.

Why do I need to pay a membership fee?

Most places require a membership fee even if they don’t come out and say it. Don’t be fooled by a flat fee that may leave you wondering why you are spending up to $100 more for new student vs. returning student rates even if it is a one-time fee. We take the registration process seriously and collect basic information that will allow us to accurately track your progress. Once you are set up, you will have access to your information and we will be updating with your attendance and advancement progress. That way, there will never be a dispute or question of your progress or level of training.

We do not collect a membership fee when you join. When you take your first test, there is an additional $25 fee that goes directly to International Krav Maga Federation - USA for your IKMF passport that will be stamped each time you test or attend an IKMF seminar/course event.

Can I come watch a class?

Yes, of course. Even better, take a free sample class.

Why should I train with Warrior Elite Krav Maga ?

At Warrior Elite Krav Maga, our instructors have a true passion for what we are doing and believe in giving you the best self-defense techniques available. No matter what your level or your goals, we are here to help you achieve them. We care about our students because they are not just students to us; they are part of our IKMF family. We will teach you techniques based on natural reaction, provide drills and tactical simulations to make sure you use the technique when you need to and offer fitness classes to improve your physical and mental health.

Our instructors are committed to staying current on techniques and development by attending regular training courses with GIT members, passing down the information to our students, and also having a variety of GIT members come to San Diego and teach our students first hand. We keep accurate and current records on all students and we make them available to you at any time, including information about your current and past curriculum. We follow the regulations of IKMF and make the results available through a passport number and rank system. You can walk into any other IKMF affiliated school in the United States or worldwide and be instantly recognized for your level and achievement in Krav Maga.

We suggest you do your research; contact different schools, meet the instructors, talk to the students and participate in a class. See what the school, instructors and students are about before you invest your time, money, and sweat!

I took Krav Maga years ago, why should I take it again or keep training?

Krav Maga is based on principals and while older techniques may work fine, the system and techniques are always evolving and improving. IKMF has a committee of global team members that are surveying what is happening in the real world and what crime problems need to be addressed. They are continually improving and evaluating current categories of training for the civilian, law enforcement, military and law enforcement categories and also providing specialize training for needs that fall outside the standard Krav-Maga training programs.

Recent programs added to IKMF training include air and sea marshal security and several seminars for active shooters, sadly a growing need as more people decide to open fire in public places.

Couldn’t find the answer?

Let us know, we will be happy to discuss any questions that you have.