Kids, Ages 8 - 13


Kids Krav Maga classes are for kids from 8-10. These classes are taught in a casual environment with games and drills that will be fun for your child but still teach important self-defense techniques.  Defense against real life scenarios, like abduction, bullying, punching, kicking and choking attempts are included to keep your child prepared when you can't be there to protect them.  

Youth Krav Maga classes are for kids from 10-13 who are still too young to join the regular adult classes.  Besides teaching critical defensive tactics and situational awareness, the classes focus on what is an appropriate defensive response in school versus on the street.  This Krav Maga curriculum is the same as the adult Krav Maga curriculum, just tailored for a younger practitioner. 

If your child is 10 years old, on the dividing line between classes, they will attend the younger class until passing their first test, then they can attend the older class. Testing is not required, although it is encouraged as a great way to motivate your child and mark their progress.  Only students that are ready to test are invited to do so and no pressure is put on them to test.