Ages 14 and above


For schedule and prices see below.

Morning and evening classes throughout the week!

Basic classes are geared to persons having no or minimal Krav Maga experience. Even if you have had other martial art experience, this is the starting point in establishing principles and basic techniques.  Learn defenses against common punches, kicks, chokes and headlocks. Focus is on proper movement and stances, proper striking and kicking techniques and protecting yourself if you fall. 

Intermediate classes add higher level Krav Maga techniques with more stressful drills and exercises for those that have passed their Practitioner 1 test.  Practice more striking options, sparring with full protective gear, variations on previously learned attacks and defenses against bear hugs, chokes on the ground, knives and sticks, among others.  Aggressive multiple attacker escapes put your knowledge to the test.

Graduate classes focus on threats with a weapon and VIP or 3rd party protection emphasis for those that have passed their Practitioner 5 test. Students will work closely together understanding the principles of the techniques and trouble shoot when things go wrong.  

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes open to those that have passed their Practitioner 1 Krav Maga test.  BJJ offers the student who has a proven grasp of Krav Maga basics and opportunity to improve their ground fighting.

All classes are included in the monthly membership!